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Photo Rock Slate (30cm by 30cm) - Glossy Square

Photo Rock Slate (30cm by 30cm) - Glossy Square

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Bring unforgettable family moments, magical wedding memories, and smiley selfies to life on a square personalised photo slate. Made from authentic slate, your photo is framed by natural chiselled edges that bring a fun modern twist to your home decor. It’s a unique way to display your favourite photos!

  • Print photos onto beautiful natural slate
  • Natural chiselled (distressed) edges - each slate has a unique finish!
  • Includes a sturdy plastic stand for display
  • Size: 30x30cm


Please make sure your image is of the highest quality and poor quality images will not transfer with sharpness. You are responsible for the quality of the image uploaded. If you need help with an image please use the contact page to send us a message

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